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Mid State Construction - Fresno Roofing Contractor

Mid State Construction – Fresno Roofing Contractor  Mid State has been roofing the Fresno, Clovis, and the San Joaquin Valley since 1995. We are heavily experienced in the icy mountain areas, such as Shaver, Huntington Lake, Yosemite, Oakhurst and Coaresgold. We install composition shingles, tile wood shake, and flat roof systems for both commercial and residential applications. We also offer PACE program financing for your roofing project. Roofing by MidState Construction is an authorized Hero Program and CaliforniaFirst contractors, and soon to be Ygrene authorized. We are installers of all major brands, including Malarkey, Owens Corning, GAF and Certainteed. For the most knowledgeable and experienced roofing choice in the Valley, contact us first!

Mid State Construction – Fresno Roofing Contractor – The links provided on our website provide a wealth of knowledge and information. From contractors to colors, this site is designed to help consumers make the right choice for their project!

Mid State Roofing Services

Custom Tile
Custom Tile

Residential Re-Roofing

Mid State Roofing Services – Mid State Roofing has experience in all phases of residential re-roofing.  We install GAF, Malarkey, Certainteed along with other composition products with great expertise.  We can tear off your existing roof and install  a custom tile roof that will last for years to come.  With satisfied customers throughout the valley and mountain areas, one of our roofs will never be too far away.

Commercial Roofing and Maintainence

Mid State Roofing installs and maintains large commercial roof systems.  From apartment buildings, packing houses, and large manufacturing facilities we have experience with roof systems that best fit your budget and needs.

Roofing Certifications

Mid State Roofing can provide roof certifications for real estate transactions.  While certifications vary in scope, your Mid State roof certification is backed by one of the most dependable companies in the region.  All inspections and repairs (if needed) are performed by our technicians.

Patio Re-Covers

One of the most troublesome areas for homeowners is their attached patios.  Mid State Roofing can remove and install a new patio roof system.  We can replace dry rotted fascia board and decking.  We can install a torchdown, “peel & stick”, PVC, and hot mop roof system.  Ask your rep for your options!

Repair and Maintenance

Mid State Roofing repairs existing residential and commercial roof systems.  While there are many repair possibilities, we have experience in all types of systems.  Our service is performed in a timely manner to help protect your investment.

Mid State Roofing Process and Schedule

Measure & Bid
Measure & Bid

Bidding Your Project

The first step is to get you a solid bid from one of our roofing consultants.  He will set up a time to meet you at your convenience.  He will measure the roof and ask what your roofing goals are.  He will explain all the options and in most cases will leave a bid before he leaves.

Roof Tear-Off
Roof Tear-Off

Tearing off your old Roof

The messiest part of your roof replacement.  During this process your old roof is torn off, placed in one of our trailers and hauled off to a certified waste management facility (in other words, the dump).  We then do a thorough clean up to get ready for the next stage.  This usually takes a half a day.

OSB Sheeting
OSB Sheeting

Apply Solid Decking

The next step is to apply a solid decking to the existing skip sheeting (see pic for tear-off above).  The standard decking is a 7/16 inch OSB (Oriented Strand Board).  This, combined with the tear-off is usually a one day job.  When completed, it is time for us to schedule a sheeting inspection.

Applying Felt
Applying Felt

Apply Underlayment

After inspection we then lay an underlayment to protect your new shingle from the OSB.  There are standard felt products all the way to high tech polymers.  In the valley we usually apply a #30 felt over the solid decking.  The “poundage” of felt refers to how much 100 sq. ft weighs.

Finished Roof
Finished Roof

Finished Roof

The final piece of the puzzle!  We install your selected material according to both code and manufacturers  specs.  We install new painted jacks, valley, & edge metal.  We install a decorative ridge cap and then install the proper ventilation so your roof will properly breathe, extending the life of your roof!  We call for the final inspection and inspect your property to ensure proper clean-up.

Mid State Construction – Fresno Roofing Contractor –  Ca. Lic. #851481  –  PO Box 3440  –  Oakhurst Ca.  93644  –  559-285-9835

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